COVID-19 Rapid Test

New Coronavirus (COVID-19) Nucleic Acid Detection Kit (PCR-Fluorescence) Real Time Test

Detection Kit for 2019-nCoV (PCR-Fluorescence) is used for the in vitro qualitative detection of 2019-nCoV ORF1ab and N gene in the throat swabs and sputum specimens of suspected COVID-19 patients, clustering cases and others needing diagnosis or differential diagnosis for 2019-nCoV.

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The test method is based on one-step RT-PCR technique, which can realize the supplement diagnosis of 2019-nCoV infection. Detailed performance studies confirm the high specificity, sensitivity and repeatability of this kit, which can assist in the diagnosis of 2019-nCoV infection.


Quick and easy: One-Step Nucleic Acid Free Extraction Reagent, the operation is simple, no heating is needed, and the tube can be replaced in 30 minutes to complete 96 sample pretreatments. Faster to get result than conventional reagentSafe: Use of UDG enzyme to prevent carry-over contamination.

Full-process monitoring: Contains housekeeping genes and internal standard monitoring, including sampling, to avoid false negative results.

Biological safety: Use of UDG enzyme, the lysate has pathogen-killing activity and high biological safety.

Strong applicability: Using multiple fluorescence detection technology, three fluorescence channels can be typed to detect ORF lab, N gene targets and internal standards, which meets national testing requirements.

Additional Information

Product Type: In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device

Formats: Cassette

Specimen: Throat swab, sputum, saliva

Fast Detection: 90min for complete detection

Specificity: Specific primers and probes for the ORF lab, N gene sequences of 2019nCov are designed.

Precise Detection: Fluorescence Detection on ORF lab Gene probe separation channel with FAM.N Gene probe and VIC standing gene probe.

Sensitivity: The minimum sample concentrations 2X10^2copies/mL for detection.

Comprehensive Quality Control: Negative and positive quality control; internal standard gene control


Storage: -20~15

Shelf time: 12 months

OEM/ODM: Available

Place of origin: China

Packaging Details:

1 Standard Export PackageSterile Package + Standard Export Carton

2 OEM Package: Customized inner bag + Customized inner box + Customized export carton

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