What is automated nucleic acid extraction?

Automatic liquid handling technology in automated DNA extraction systems can simplify the tasks involved in extracting DNA from samples, such as serial dilution and cherry picking. Systems typically also include features such as shaking, temperature control, and PCR protocols.

DNA extraction is used in many types of biological research, including molecular biology, forensics, pathology, environmental research, and drug discovery. Features to look for when choosing an automated DNA extraction system include integration with laboratory information management systems, full automation from start to finish, error control, and safeguards against contamination.

Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit

New Coronavirus RNA/DNA Extraction/Purification Kit (Magnetic Beads Method) For Real Time RT-PCR Detection Reagent

Nucleic acid isolated by the kit is stable with good integrity and purity, and can be directly used in downstream molecular biology experiments such as PCR and real time qPCR, and next generation sequ

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Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit

New Coronavirus RNA/DNA Extraction/Purification Kit (Spin Column Method) for real time RT-PCR detection reagent

The Kit provides a rapid and easy method for the isolation of viral RNA and DNA from plasma, serum, and cell free body fluids.

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Features of Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor

The AutoMate Express Nucleic Acid Extraction System is an easy-to-use benchtop instrument that automates the nucleic acid extraction process for contaminant and impurity detection.


The temperature of the product is accurately controlled and the temperature rises rapidly; the single-row heating and cooling method is adopted to reduce liquid evaporation and strictly control the reaction system.

High efficiency

The extraction time is short, and the extraction of 1-32 samples can be completed within 8-30 minutes at a time, realizing high-throughput processing of samples, saving time and effort.


The instrument comes with a built-in editing and running program, select the corresponding program and click "Run" to work, which is simple and friendly. With ultraviolet disinfection function, it can effectively prevent microbial contamination. Simple and friendly interface