Sample Release Reagent

Virus Sample Release Reagent for PCR Detection Test Kit

Sample Release Reagent is intended to facilitate release of nucleic acid from cells or other materials containing genetic materials in a form suitable for amplification.

Under normal temperature conditions, protein denaturants and biochemical reagents are used to quickly destroy the protein structure and release nucleic acids. After simple mixing, a small amount of liquid can be drawn as a nucleic acid sample for downstream PCR and other experiments. At the same time, Sample release Reagent can be used as a sample preservation solution for short-term storage under normal temperature conditions or long-term storage under low temperature conditions.

Product Principle:

The Sample Release Reagent is composed of proprietary polymeric materials. The protein denaturant can rupture the virus structure and denature the protein under low ionic strength and alkaline conditions, and then release the nucleic acid into the solution.


1.No nucleic acid extractor is required. Up grated formula, excellent quality as magnetic method. It can meet the detection of virus and genome types, and is especially suitable for nucleic acid extraction of genome items in throat swabs or saliva samples.

2.Release nucleic acid at room temperature, avoid sample contamination caused by aerosol generated by heating. Inactivated virus, ensure the safety during the transport and test procedure. A unique protection system that can prevent nucleic acid from being degraded and improve the accuracy of downstream detection.

3.Simple operation steps: mixing, standing, releasing, one-step operation. nucleic acid release can be completed within 7 minutes.

4.Efficient storage of RNA/DNA: can prevent nucleic acid from degradation and can be stored at room temperature for 7 days.

5.High sensitivity: LOD is 200-500 Copies/ml. (up to different qPCR kit)

Additional Information

Product Type: Medical Diagnostic Device

Formats: Tube

Specimen: Sputum, Swabs (throat, nasal, nasopharyngeal, buccal).

Size: 500/1000/2000/3000ul

Kit size: 50/100 Tubes/Box

Certificates: CE/ISO/CFDA

LOD: 200-500 copies/ml

Storage and Stability: This product stored at room temperature(15-25),and the validity period 12 months. The manufacturing date and expiration date of the Sample Release Reagent are printed on the label.


Shelf time: 12 months

OEM/ODM: Available

Place of origin: China

Packaging Details:

1 Standard Export PackageSterile Package + Standard Export Carton

2 OEM Package: Customized inner bag + Customized inner box + Customized export carton

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