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Transparent Sterile Filtered Pipette Tips (Magnetic Plastic Bar) Flat Cap PCR Tube Conical Bottom Micro Centrifuge Tube

PCR tube series products are made of high-quality polymer material polypropylene (PP), suitable for various PCR and fluorescence quantitative PCR experiments.

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      Transparent Sterile Filtered Pipette Tips ,Flat Cap PCR Tube ,Conical Bottom Micro Centrifuge Tube

The PCR tube series features an ultra-thin wall design of uniform thickness that facilitates heat transfer and precise temperature control for optimal heat transfer to the reaction solution.


Medical grade polypropylene (PP) raw materials and advanced production technology, the product is straight, without bending deformation, with high quality and accuracy.

The tube wall is smooth to reduce liquid adhesion and ensure the accuracy of transferred specimens.

The suction head with filter element can prevent cross contamination of aerosol between pipette and sample.

It is produced in 100000 grade purification workshop, reaching PCR clean grade, without DNase, RNasepyrogen and inhibitor pollution.

Resistant high temperature and no deformation after high temperature and high pressure sterilization.

Suitable for all kinds of PCR reactions, especially fluorescence quantitative PCR experiments.

Additional Information

Product Type: Pipette Tips with Filter

Pipette use: Lab liquid

Stick Material: PP

Color: Transparent/blue/yellow or Customized

Size1: 10/100/200/1000/1250ul pipette tips; Kit size1: 96pcs/rack, 50racks/box

Size2: 0.2/0.5/1.5/15 ml; Kit size2: 1000’s per Pkt, 20 pkts/carton

Size3: 0.1ml/0.2ml 8 strips; Kit size3:125’s per box, 10 boxes/carton

Working temperature: -80℃~121

Can withstand the centrifugal force of the fully supported rotor: 6000G

Application: Laboratory usage, medical industry, agriculture, light industry


OEM/ODM: Available

Place of origin: China

Packaging Details:

1 Standard Export PackageSterile Package + Standard Export Carton

2 OEM Package: Customized inner bag + Customized inner box + Customized export carton

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