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Endoscopic surgery consumables or accessories--Cytology Brush

Our endoscopy consumables offer you a broad range of high quality and cost-effective medical devices to meet and exceed your demands, such as Treatment, check, foreign body grabbing, laser lithotripsy, channel flushing, liquid sampling and alveolar lavage etc.


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Cytology Brush Application: Be used for cell tissue sampling on clinical.

Cytology Brush Feature:

1 Brush of integration, without possibility of breaking off.

2 With high smoothness, the outer tube is not easy to get bended.

3 With suitable stiffness of bristles, it is easy for cell tissue sampling.

4 Sterilized product, no need to re-sterilize before use.

Additional Information

Product Type: Intravascular Catheter

Brush Bristle Material: Nylon/Plastic

Brush Head Diameter: 2mm/3mm/5mm

Tube Diameter: 1.8mm

Brush Head Length(mm): 2000

Working Length(mm): 1200/1600/1800/2300

Applied Channel: 2mm/2.8mm

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