What are the HIV testing methods?

Antibody testing

The main ones are enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and immunofluorescence test (IFA). ELISA lyses HIV or infected cell fluid extract with a detergent as an antigen. IFA uses an infected cell smear as an antigen for antibody testing and should be repeated if a positive specimen is found. To prevent false positives, Western blot (WB, western blotting) can be done for further confirmation.

What are the HIV testing methodsWhat are the HIV testing methods

Antigen testing

The P24 antigen was detected with ELISA, which was present in the blood when antibodies were not present in the early stages of HIV infection. Because P24 is too low, the positivity rate is usually low. Dissociation immunocomplex methods or concentrations of P24 antigens are available to improve sensitivity.

Nucleic acid testing

The detection of the HIV gene by PCR has the advantages of being rapid, efficient, sensitive, and specific. It has been applied to the early diagnosis of HIV infection and AIDS research.

Virus isolation

The common method is co-culture; mononuclear cells are isolated from normal peripheral blood, stimulated and cultured with PHA, and then added to the patient's mononuclear cell diagnosis and AIDS research.

Inspection test strip inspection

HIV Rapid Test Kits is a new generation of detection reagent developed using colloidal gold immunochromatography technology. It detects HIV-1/2 specific antibodies in serum or plasma specimens. All operation time is 15 minutes. The action is simple, fast, accurate and self-qualified

HIV testing is controlled and does not require all additional drugs. Suitable for personal testing but also suitable for major hospitals and CDC testing.

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