The role of syphilis dipstick testing

Syphilis is a highly contagious sexually transmitted disease that can cause organ damage throughout the body and cause serious harm. Many people, after suspecting that they are infected with syphilis, do not take the initiative to go to the hospital for testing and treatment due to moral considerations, and the delay leads to the condition becoming more and more serious. The emergence of syphilis test strips has brought convenience to detecting syphilis. Are syphilis test strips accurate?

The role of syphilis dipstick testing

Those familiar with AIDS test strips know that AIDS test strips can be accurate up to 99% as long as they are detected within the specified time. The accuracy of syphilis test strips, however, has been questioned because they are used less. In principle, syphilis test strips, like AIDS test strips, are also made of double antigen sandwich principles and immunochromatography technology. The window period for syphilis is also 2-8 weeks, which coincides with AIDS. Therefore, when testing for AIDS, syphilis test strips can be purchased at the same time to detect syphilis.

What is the accuracy of syphilis test strips?

It is said that the accuracy rate of syphilis test strips is more than 94%, which is a bit low compared with the accuracy of AIDS test strips. It has also been said that syphilis dipsticks test false-positives are higher.

Even if the infection cannot be ruled out 100%, the appearance of syphilis test strips is very beneficial for syphilis cotton testing.

And syphilis is different from AIDS in the early stage of infection. There will be the chance; in men with male genitals, there will be a small round induration and ulceration. The appearance of this symptom is conducive to the judgment of syphilis and provides certain help for detecting syphilis test strips so that false positives can be reduced.

Even if the accuracy of syphilis test strips is not high, there is no need to be alarmed by errors because many hospitals can now use the serum to detect syphilis. Syphilis testing is much easier than AIDS.

In short, if it is convenient and secret, about six weeks after the high risk, you can still buy syphilis test strips to detect it. If it is negative, you can temporarily rest assured and wait for other abnormal symptoms before testing. If the test result is positive, you must go to the hospital to review it with other methods.

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